Strange Lands

“What’s the strangest place you’ve posted from?”

They ask,

As I quickly search through my blog posts,

Carefully eyeing places I’ve visited from which I must have blogged

One strange land at least…

Alas, there is nothing “strange” that I can choose from

to answer this prompt

But a “I have no answer” is like

Admitting failure,

Which is not an option

I think and think and think

What is a place that allows me to “Dream, travel, AND explore?”

As the inspiration for my blog suggests.

Alas, it’s simple

My bed.

I dream almost every night

Whether I remember it or not

I travel to distant lands

Whether it’s in my sleep or not

And I explore what my dreams (or reality)

Allow me to explore whether I travel or not

It’s simple, you see

My bed is the answer

A place that’s strange in itself

Where we fall into a calming slumber for 6. 7, or 8 hours

Every night

There, I dream, travel, explore

And write.

(In response to: Blogger in a Strange Land)

What is the strangest place YOU have blogged from? Feel free to comment below 🙂


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