Exploring Nashik

June 17 was a pretty relaxing day. We visited an aunt that I hadn’t seen for a while and on the way back, my uncle treated us to India’s specialty– street food served in a newspaper cone. We stopped for some jackfruit later, which was slightly sweet and juicy minus the overbearingly fruity flavor. Jackfruit is a popular tropical fruit here that’s huge, green and spiky on the exterior but smooth and yellow on the inside. Our final stop was a drinks place, which sold lassi, a traditional Indian milkshake.


In the evening, my cousins took me to one of my favorite food chains in India, a coffee shop called Cafe Coffee Day, similar to Starbucks but with even more variety! I definitely recommend this place for anyone looking to visit India! I ordered a Devil’s Own, quickly indulging in its chocolatey goodness. After our pit stop, we stopped by a nearby commercial center known as the Deolali Cantonment, which was full of narrow streets lined with brightly lit shops. As dinner was fast approaching, we made our way back home on the scooter and the evening breeze felt so good blowing past us, one of the many small things I looked forward to in India πŸ˜‰ After another hearty homemade dinner, my cousins and I could not sleep at all so we spent a couple of hours on the terrace, or the roof of the house, as we admired the starry sky and drank sweet corn soup at 2 am to warm up against the strong nighttime wind. The wine bottle from the night before was called upon again as we each took a swig from it and chatted till 4:30 in the morning πŸ™‚

Sunset from the terrace. Courtesy of Yours Truly.
Sunset from the terrace. Courtesy of Yours Truly.

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