Five Perfect Days in Mauritius (Day 1)

June 19 marked my first day in Mauritius. My parents had been planning a trip here, but it wasn’t confirmed till very recently. The flight was six hours out of Bombay and probably one of the most comfortable flights I’ve ever been on, thanks to Air Mauritius. I felt as if I was in paradise even before I got there.

In Mauritius, we rented a car from the airport and drove to where we were renting a house for the next four nights in Baie du Tombeau. One of the official languages here is French and all the local towns are in French due to the influence of the culture a couple hundred years ago. Our rental house, ‘Le Bengaleau’ was right next to the Indian ocean in a small town full of local fishermen. The house had simple decor, but it was beautiful and was so easy to get attached to! We used Airbnb to find the place and in my opinion, it was worth more than the price they charged us. There were no complaints (except the dysfunctional wifi). I definitely recommend the website if you’re planning a trip anywhere simply for the authentic experiences that can come of it!

After exploring our surroundings, we decided to hit up a nearby mall called Jumbo to grab food and walk around. We ate at their food court at a placed called Noodle Box. I ordered Mauritian style noodles, which had just the right amount of spice. There was a supermarket in the mall, where we picked up food for midday snacks and breakfast and stared at people buying long pieces of fresh bread, which turned out to be the common Mauritian French bread, a daily part of their diet. It didn’t take us too long to adapt to this tradition either!

Surprisingly, after exploring, I noticed the sun set around 5pm, possibly due to the winter because Mauritius is below the equator. We made our way back home to rest for the day. The water outside our rental house looked amazing with lit ships in the distance, illuminating the quiet ocean in front of us. I was so tired from our lengthy travels that I fell asleep at 8 pm with overwhelming thoughts of what the next day would have to offer.

The view outside 'Le Bengaleau'
The view outside ‘Le Bengaleau’
Another view of the sea right behind our house. One of my personal faves from the trip.
Another view of the sea right behind our house. One of my personal faves from the trip.

4 thoughts on “Five Perfect Days in Mauritius (Day 1)

  1. Everytime I travel below the equator I forget that it’s a completely different season. Hope you brought extra clothing!! ❤

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