Five Perfect Days in Mauritius (Day 5)

On our last day in Mauritius, we decided to relax one last time in Le Bengaleau until one in the afternoon. Lazily, we decided to explore Port louis, the capital of Mauritius and only a five minute drive away. Port Louis is known for the huge ships that rest in its docks and for the big city feel. It definitely felt like a big city from the oardes of people that walked the streets! The multiple narrow strees showcased a plethora of indoor and outdoor shops and stalls in the market. Most of the shops usually varied from fruit and vegetable markets to local spice shops to special Mauritian-made artisan shops. The variety was incredible and it was a treat to see products unique to the country.

The marketplace reminded me of shops in India, with the same tendency of customers that bargain to get a price they desire and the unlimited variety of good sold. Although I would’ve loved to stay a couple more days and explore more of what the island has to offer, I knew it was time to bid farewell to now one of my favorite places ever traveled. I’ll be back Mauritius, but in the meanwhile, my next stop after a six hour flight was the city that never sleeps: Bombay.

A view of the city from our car



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