Venturing through Bombay

Bombay never gets old. Whether you’ve lived there since childhood or only visited for three days, there are always hidden corners left unexplored. The constant hustle and bustle and the unbeatable energy of the city are two of the many things that draw people in from not only all over India, but all over the world. It’s the city I was born in and although some tire of it easily, every time I visit, there’s something new to look at, something new to explore. The city that never sleeps never bores me.

Upon our arrival in Bombay, we were happily welcomed by a close family friend who had known me since I was born. After lunch, my uncle drove me to buy kulfi, a creamy milky homemade Indian ice-cream in popsicle form. I can eat 10 of these everyday–they’re that good! In the evening, we drove around Bombay, stopping for dinner at 10 pm.  In many places here, shopping and eating doesn’t start till 9 pm, which is perfect because the weather cools down too. I ordered a manchurian soup, a combination of Indian and Chinese flavors, popular of the Indo-Chinese culinary category here and as my main entree I ordered paneer tikka masala with garlic naan, one of the best decisions ever. The tikka masala was in a rich, thick sauce with ample pieces of paneer (cheese), unlike the thin sauce Indian restaurants in the US make with literally 2 measly pieces of paneer. The naan had freshly, minced pieces of garlic that gave it its rich flavor. And for dessert, I ordered fresh watermelon juice. I was in food heaven. With another kulfi at home, we called it a night, with the promise of exploring more of the city once morning struck.

(More on Bombay here)


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