Adventures in Pune

My last day in Bombay was spent doing some last minute shopping before we would make a three hour drive to another vibrant city to visit my dad’s family. Our first day in Pune was spent relaxing, but we were sure to grab some street food for dinner and ice cream from a popular shop, Natural. I had lychee ice cream in a waffle cone and the little fruit pieces in it made it taste so delicious!

During my second day in Pune, I spent some time reading the newspaper and luckily found out about an antiques market in the city that sold all kinds of antique goods, from musical instruments to appliances and from old casettes to cameras. As a fan of history and old artifacts I wanted to go. The article said the market was only open on Wednesdays and Sundays. Because it was Sunday and I’d have to wait till Wednesday to try again, I eventually convinced my parents to take me.

Our first few steps within the market weren’t pleasant as people were pushing and shoving, it smelled bad, and the constant fear of sneaky pickpockets as written in the paper made me constantly keep my hand on the front of my purse. The first few stalls we saw were full of cheap stuff like hair accessories, belts, and watches. Discouraged, we were going to return but then we came across a stall that was selling two old phonographs, compasses, magnifying glasses, etc. and they looked antique but also in great condition. My dad, also a fan of antiques, bought an old brass magnifying glass from 1941 for work and a Victorian compass from 1875. Whether the compass is actually from 1875 is still a mystery, but still matches several old versions quite closely. The compass is beautiful and in full working condition. The inside of the compass also has a sailors’ chant to Queen Victoria. I’m glad I can treasure this artifact (even though it’s a replica) from Indian and British history 🙂

The Juna (Old) Bazaar in Pune
The Juna (Old) Bazaar in Pune



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