Sleepless in Seattle

Day 1

As someone who loves to travel and has been doing it since childhood, I was ecstatic to embark on my own trip with my own two best friends funded by my own earnings. After hearing great things about Seattle, I decided I really wanted to visit and fortunately, my friends were on board too. 

Yes, I realize the title of my experiences is pretty cliche, but it does honestly describe many of the emotions I felt as I discovered different parts of this beautiful, modern city. We were welcomed at the airport by the Fairfield Inn’s convenient shuttle and greeted by the even friendlier staff upon arrival at the hotel. The room was clean, didn’t smell, and it was a good size– one of the few simple criteria that makes travel more fun for me. Did I mention they had a free continental breakfast and hot cocoa/coffee available 24/7 in the lobby? Additional brownie points!

After receiving suggestions from the front desk, we made our way onto the light rail to Seattle’s world-famous tourist attraction, Pike’s Place market. As an avid fan of Farmers’ Markets and anything local and green, I thoroughly appreciated the market by the sea. They had everything from locally handmade jewelry to fresh produce. I loved looking at the flower bouquets decorated with colorfully painted pine cones—incredibly perfect for the holiday season. On the lower levels, there were shops full of quirky objects i.e. a magic shop that reminded me of Diagon Alley in Harry Potter and a vintage store that sold posters and records. These worldly shops introduced art and other collectibles that would not be found in your average department store, adding to the uniqueness of the place. one of my favorites was probably the vintage store because it was full of old posters with advertisements that you would not see today, such as posters from the 1940s-50s that promoted smoking and told you you weren’t buying the right kind of cigarette.

Lunch was at a well-known Russian place that sold Piroshkies or Pirozhki (more accurate in Russian). A Piroshky is a freshly stuffed bread in simple words. The bread is usually coated with egg yolks to give it a nice golden-brown glow and is stuffed with either meats or vegetables. I bought a salmon-stuffed piroshky and a potato & cheese one. The salmon piroshky was my favorite out of the two because the potato & cheese one was carb overload and definitely tasted like it.

We needed drinks to go with our piroshkies so we wandered into a coffee shop called “Local color,” where feeling the hipster vibes, I bought cider instead of coffee. I mean it was Seattle, so I was bound to run into many more coffee places within the next few days. After drinks, we walked through the undiscovered parts of Pike’s Place into a tea shop that sold locally brewed tea. The teas smelled fresh and boasted unseen flavors. Not too soon I was carrying a peach ambrosia blend, a lychee rose tea, and ground Kenyan coffee beans in my hands to be purchased.

Tired after hours of exploration, an early flight, and minimal sleep, we went back to the hotel and took their complimentary shuttle to a nearby Salvadorean restaurant. We ordered the pupusas—thick tortillas stuffed with meat or vegetables along with cheese, the Salvadorean tamales, and Mexican and Salvadorean champurrado. Champurrado is like hot cocoa and comes in certain varieties. The Mexican kind was made for the cinnamon lovers and the Salvadorean one was creamier and had corn in it. Both were so delicious!

That concluded our first day in Seattle and we could barely hold in the excitement for the next day. For tips on planning your next trip to Seattle look below or shoot me aa comment/question!


  1. Hotel: Fairfield Inn by Marriott w/ free continental breakfast/ 24/7 coffee, on-demand shuttle service
  2. Transportation: Via light rail! Easy to use and convenient. $6 round-trip to downtown Seattle
  3. Place to Visit: Pike’s Place Market by the Waterfront (Downtown Seattle)
  4. Food/Drinks: Piroshky Piroshky est. 1992. For coffee & alcoholic drinks: Local Color.
  5. For dining: (Close to Sea-Tac airport): Las Palmas (Salvadorean food)

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