Sleepless in Seattle

Day 2

After indulging in a free continental breakfast, my friends and I got a fresh and early start on our second day in Seattle. We all decided to purchase the Seattle City Pass that allowed us to visit Seattle’s five famous attractions for a fraction of the cost. We embarked on the Light Rail, and then onto the MonoRail for a quick ride to the Chihuly Glass Art Museum, one of Seattle’s famous artistic attractions.

Dale Chihuly, born in 1941 in Tacoma, WA, developed the refined style of glass art and many of his works, inspired by places worldwide, have been displayed in this modern-day museum. Upon walking into the museum, I was welcomed by a delightful array of colors implemented through the glass art. Chihuly designed mini forests made of glass, chandeliers, ceilings and the list goes on. 

I have visited a good amount of museums in the past, but I have never seen something as unique as this. Especially a museum almost solely dedicated to one man and his art. Even the museum’s surroundings showcased his glass art ventures and visitors feel as if they are walking into a natural garden with a vivid display of live plants. The Chihuly museum was truly an inspiration for all art lovers out there and I was so glad we were lucky enough to visit it despite the stormy weather! 

Chihuly’s glass art depicting sea life
A part of the museum’s ceiling


My favorite part about the Glass Art Museum

Our next stop was the Woodland Park Zoo, a 10 minute walk + a 30 minute bus ride away from the Glass Art museum. The zoo was better than I expected because of the amount of animals we were able to see. They had a close-up view of kangaroos, giraffes, hippos, wolves, red pandas, snow leopards, and others that may not be seen at other zoos. I admired the zoo’s layout because they divided it into separate continents and categorized the animals based on what continent they were native to. The zoo was also full of plant life and I felt as if I was taking a hike through the forest. Both the exercise and the cute animal components made this experience worthwhile. 

After the zoo, it was time for a coffee break due to the rainy weather. We walked into Uptown Espresso and I ordered a Caffe Viennese. The coffee was a perfect combination of cinnamon and creaminess and I savored it thoroughly till the last drop. The warmth was much needed because we later made our way to the Space Needle for a gorgeous view from 605 feet above the ground. 


Dinner was at a popular, but small Mediterranean bistro known as Petra’s. I ordered the lemon garlic chicken with lentil soup and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and quantity of food. Day 2 in Seattle was another day well-spent!


  1. Transportation: Light Rail from Sea-Tac airport, then Monorail from Westlake station in downtown Seattle ($4 round-trip) to the Space needle, Glass museum, etc.
  2. Places to Visit: 
    1. Chihuly Glass Art Museum
    2. Woodland Park Zoo
    3. Space Needle for a spectacular view!
    4. *Note: These 3 attractions plus 2 more are included in the Seattle City Pass. (5 attractions for $69!)
  3. Places for drinks/food:
    1. Seattle Center (near the Needle)- food court, great for lunch
    2. Uptown Espresso on 4th ave.
    3. Petra’s Mediterranean Bistro

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