Sleepless in Seattle

Day 4

Our last and final day of Seattle was well-spent doing many things! We first visited the Seattle Aquarium, right next to the waterfront, and surprisingly, the aquarium was small but had many river and sea otters. The aquarium employees fed the otters right in front of us and told us some background information on the litter critters. I learned that otters actually hold hands with each other when they sleep so they don’t drift too far apart from each other. Right after the otters, they also fed the huge octopus, so even though the aquarium didn’t have flashy and exciting dolphin shows, I thought my experience was worth it because of otter exhibit, the hands on sea urchin/seastar pool, the octopus, and a unique species of seals. 

Jellyfish lit by fluorescent lights, Seattle aquarium.

After the aquarium, we had one more major thing left on our City Pass: the Argosy cruises. According to the pamphlet, this was supposed to be an hour-long narrated cruise to give us a view of the Puget Sound and the Seattle skyline. Aside from the rain, our cruise guide was quite helpful and told us interesting stories about his hometown, Seattle. In fact, the cranes that are so famous to Seattle were an inspiration for the well-known Star Wars movies!

The aquarium and the cruise left us hungry! The cruise guide recommended a popular seafood restaurant called Ivar’s, which had been around since the 1930s right next to the water. We decided to try it and to my pleasant surprise, the salmon chowder was extremely delicious. I had never had it before!

After covering these two major attractions and having lunch, we spontaneously stopped by a vintage antiques market. It was larger than I thought with everything from records, to old wooden desks (so sturdy too!), to teacups. They also had old telephone booths that lit up when you closed them and showcased older model telephones. The antiques market was a treat for the eyes!

The gum wall was next on our list. Exactly as the name sounds, the gum wall is a wall covered with colorful chewed-up pieces of gum. It’s a literal man-made attraction that tourists enhance every time they visit it. Although it wasn’t a top priority, the gum wall was a good place to take group pictures. 


Because we hadn’t had enough coffee already, we decided to find a legit coffee place that may offer coffee tasting. Even though the Seattle Coffee Works didn’t offer coffee tasting, it offered a mean macchiato, worth every penny. After walking around and checking out a few more stores that seemed unique to the downtown area, we made our way to our 8 pm reservation to Shiro’s Sushi restaurant, the same restaurant that is a focus of the movie, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” The food was incredibly delicious and it was cool to go to a restaurant that was so often talked about!



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