An Australian Adventure: Day 1

After 6 weeks of working a somewhat strenuous job during the day and taking a fast-paced evening class, I was ready for a vacation where I wouldn’t have to do either. Thankfully, the right opportunity came up when my best friend told me she was doing a 2-month internship in Sydney, Australia and that it would be cool if I could visit for some time. I began searching for flight tickets the moment she said that and lucky me, it all worked out. It was time to spend 10 days exploring the amazing land down under!

I arrived at 7 am on a Friday and the timing could not have been more perfect. I went right to work, making use of the full day ahead of me. A quick breakfast on the way to my friend’s place was a must, which consisted of one of the best cafe lattes and chocolate chip muffins I’ve ever had. Or maybe I was just hungry after that 17-hr travel time. We all know airplane food needs some serious improvement 😉

Right after, a nap was in order in a real bed. The famous Queen Victoria Building was next on the list, or QVB as the locals call it. It was built in 1898 during the city’s recession period to open up employment opportunities. The architecture is of Romanesque origin (or so the QVB site says). The interior of QVB is known for its high-end retail stores, in which I didn’t even pretend to window shop in, but the old-timey clock, stained glass art, and a matchstick model of the exterior of the building makes it a worthwhile tourist attraction. Walking around on the 3 floors of the building made me hungry, so a quick lunch of Greek food at Medusa (where apparently all the business people ate) and a Viennese coffee (delicious small dessert coffee topped with whipped cream) back at QVB were in order.

The next two highlights of my day were visiting the Art gallery of New South Wales (NSW) and St. Mary’s Cathedral, mostly because they were both free. If you know me, you know how much I loooove free stuff. I’m no art critic, but I fell in love with the Art Gallery of NSW, especially the exhibits with Australian Aboriginal Art (pictures). St. Mary’s Cathedral was another beautiful sight for the eyes and the stained glass art on the inside with the detailing reminded me ever so slightly of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The cathedral was a tranquil place to end the day and reflect upon all my findings.

After asking ten people for directions, I made it back home, full of content and gratitude 🙂


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