Day 3: An Australian Adventure

My 3rd day in Sydney was a Sunday and Sundays anywhere around the world call for a little sleeping in. Am I right? That’s just what we did. Surprisingly a place to brunch was difficult to find as many cafes are closed on Sundays. We found a little hole in the wall called ‘Lil Darlin’ where I had a zesty avocado & chicken wrap and an even better cafe latte.

We made it to our next stop a little late, but this rugby game was well worth the wait. The audience cheered for Sydney’s Rabittohs vs. the Canberra Raiders and although the whole stadium wasn’t filled with viewers, I realized how popular the sport was with local Aussie population. Sydney lost with a whopping score difference of 4 to 50, but the game was definitely a great, not too expensive way to spend the Sunday afternoon. Plus, I had the chance to admire beautiful, fit Aussie athletes 😉 I knew my ticket was worthwhile especially when little kids from their mini leagues came out and played a game as the spectators easily and admiringly cheered them on.

Back in Central Sydney, my friend and I went to a German brewhouse (brauhaus) for some happy hour beer and live street music by older-looking men in their German suspenders or lederhosen in German, according to Google.

Sunday was definitely a fun day.wp-1471150809796.jpg



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