Lest we forget

Fingers touch upon keyboards, screens, and an array of plastic buttons.

Heads down, we focus on a blinding light that emanates from the artificial device.

Frustration ensues if within five minutes there is no response.

We are impatient, eager even—social media dictating our many actions.

Words are left unspoken, unheard in place of perfect, typed letters across a rectangular surface.

We care not about our surroundings, but whether someone else will see them

And appreciate the goings-on of our lives

We have forgotten the significance and the pleasure of holding a book

turning one page at a time, a mixture of wood and other underrated plants held between our fingers

We have forgotten

 the true value of quaint coffee shops,

Which now only serve as the few of many providers of WiFi and not as a place of

Reading the Sunday paper with a strong cup of joe by your side

We have forgotten

What it means to resolve personal problems with a personal conversation

Far different from an all-too-common “break-up text”

We have forgotten

To greet each other with smiles and hugs

Our phones depriving us of the familiar interactions as we stare down, only our virtual lives in sight.

Let’s not forget.

To appreciate those around us. To make eye contact with a stranger and greet them with a

“Hello” or “good morning.”

It’s the least we can do to ensure that the concrete, the traditional, the tangible

Doesn’t disappear from our material lives




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