Venturing in Vancouver

A couple of months ago, some friends from high school and I decided to plan a trip somewhere. It didn’t matter where, as long as it was cheap! It turns out that Vancouver, Canada was one of the cheapest options to fly into from San Jose. On October 20, we were on our way for a 4 and 1/2 day trip to the land of maple leaves and maple syrup.
Our first day was spent snacking on poutine (a delicious French-Canadian concoction consisting of fries, cheese and gravy, topped with a variety of meat options). Close to the poutine place, was a Contemporary art gallery with free admission. We were game. Surprisingly, the art gallery only consisted of two exhibits (we understood little of both). One part of it was just a huge ear placed on a shelf near the ceiling. Oh modern art…it’s so fascinating yet confusing!

My favorite highlight of the day was our next stop–Sunset Beach. We made it exactly around the time when the sun was supposed to set and the view was utterly gorgeous. It’s definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in Vancouver even for a day or two. Its proximity to downtown Vancouver makes it extremely popular!  To end the day, we enjoyed drinks at a hip bar near our hotel called the Blind Sparrow.

The next day, we wandered through Stanley Park, another one of Vancouver’s most popular attractions. The skies were overcast and as is normal for the city, it rained, but that hardly kept us from admiring the totem poles, a mini lighthouse, and the seawall that made up the majority of the vast park. Eventually, our feet were going to give out, so it was time to indulge in some Mediterranean food for lunch at the Babylon cafe.

One of the best parts of Vancouver was the food. Even though we had only had two meals so far, we were quickly realizing the cheaper prices for quality international food. A huge chicken shawarma plate showed up before my eyes and and I quickly made it disappear. For dessert, we tried a local Canadian coffee franchise called Blenz Coffee. A maple latte macchiatto looked unique on the menu and I was pleasantly surprised by the taste!

A quick five-minute ride on the cute Granville ferry took us to Granville island for a self-tour of the Granville market. Last year, I flew to Seattle for a few days and absolutely loved Pike Place market. The Granville market was not as big as Pike Place, but it was a smaller version of great local arts, deli foods, and fresh produce. There were free art galleries on the island with much Native American art on display.

Dinner was served at a local joint known as Sushiholic and it was some of the best sushi I have had! By the end of day 2, we had walked around the city so much, that our feet were aching. But we managed to make it through the next couple of days of our trip with even more interestning attractions to admire.

Stanley Park- look at the beautiful autumn colors
Totem poles in Stanley Park
My huge chicken shawarma plate!
The infamous maple latte macchiato

View from the Granville ferry

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