Cruising through Copenhagen

This is a super late post, but I realized I had never updated my travels in Copenhagen in January of 2017. I was on a 2.5 week trip with one of my close friends from college and our second-last stop in Europe would be in Copenhagen, Denmark. We spent four lovely days there exploring the charming city and making new friends from all over the world.

We had another great Airbnb experience here: cheap, clean and very cozy! The place belonged to another young girl like us who was going to stay at her boyfriend’s place while she rented out her apartment to travelers. She was a traveler herself, as clearly seen from the plethora of maps and travel books on her walls and shelves. As for the exploring, there was so much to do in Copenhagen! Here’s what we did over those four days:

Visiting Nyhavn

Yes, it’s a particularly touristy thing to do in Copenhagen, but one that is completely worth it. The views at the harbor at picturesque and you can take your perfect photos on most boats/ships that are docked at the harbor. There’s a boat with a library as well and you can go inside for free! Visiting Nyhavn during the day is prone to heavy crowds, but at night, it is definitely more peaceful and shining with decorative lights.

Round Tower or Rundetaarn

A cheap ticket can get you into this cool tower museum. It was built in the 17th century by Christian IV and used as an astronomical observatory. Every few months, the tower showcases a different theme, which it adapts into a small museum. We were lucky to be there for the Relationships and Break-Ups exhibit, which can only be found in a few parts of the world. The museum contained objects donated from people that have suffered through break-ups with a short excerpt posted next to the object that told the story of this person’s break-up. It was a unique experience and some stories were very touching.

Hot chocolate at Baresso (Danish coffee franchise)

You have not had hot chocolate until you have tried Danish hot cocoa. The Danish go all out when they create this concoction. It’s filled with milk and wooden skewers with pieces of milk, white, and dark chocolate (you can choose). You are then supposed to swirl and mix these chocolate-filled skewers in the mug of steaming milk. For an additional cost, the baristas will give you a dixie cup filled with tiny, colorful marshmallows. Hot cocoa is pricey at $6-$7 USD, but it’s worth a shot at least once.


This one was my one of my favorites. It’s like a country within a country. Christiania is a free-governing region located in Copenhagen. Yes, they have their own government that is not part of the royal Danish parliament! Christiania was formed in the 1970’s when so-called hippies obssessed with weed came and settled in this region and declared it their own. Even the architecture is an anomaly. Strange, yet intriguing.

The Danish Royal Residences

Take a stroll through the royal buildings in Copenhagen. These are known as Amalienborg and Christansborg Palace and boast some wonderful Danish architecture. If you’re lucky, you can also see guards in full attire like we did!

MundoLingo: Language Conversation Club 

One of my most favorite activities to do when I travel is to participate in language conversation clubs.  I always like to work on my Spanish whenever I am and find others that speak the same languages as me. I saw an ad for MundoLingo on Couchsurfing and immediately decided to attend. We ended up making local and Argentinian friends whom we spent the next three days with exploring Copenhagen. MundoLingo operates in various big cities around the world and the one in Copenhagen is really a hoot!

Grabbing beer at Lord Nelson’s

Maybe Scandinavia is not well-known for its beer, especially if you’ve been to Germany and the Czech Republic like we had. We were pleasantly surprised by what Lord Nelson’s had to offer. The IPA’s were amazing and the atmosphere was laid-back like the Danes like to do.

I really wish I had more time in Copenhagen. It’s a little ways away from mainland Europe and places like Amsterdam, Berlin, etc., but one that is definitely worth a visit due to its originality and the friendliness of the Danish people. Now I hope to explore more of Scandinavia the next time I visit!




2 thoughts on “Cruising through Copenhagen

  1. Christiania is insane! Something, you would never expect to see in Scandinavia. The contrast with rest of the country is huge.

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