New adventures!

I’m at the airport. The hustle and bustle around me never seizes even when a three-day weekend comes to a close. The airport is one of those places where anytime you go, anywhere you go, there will always be a crowd–people lost in their own oblivion, running to catch a flight, filing lost baggage complaints, or comforting restless young ones that the flight would not be as terrible as they had imagined.

I have been flying since I was a year old. Literally. My first flight was to the United States of America, the land of the free and the brave. But it was also one of the times that I confronted death. My high fever refused to settle down and a doctor my mom found on the plane gave her advice and consoled her on what was also her first journey on a plane in her 28 years of life on Earth.

Even though I have had a near confrontation with death on a plane when I was just a baby, flying has never scared me. The fact that I was too young to remember this near-death experience helped, of course. I’d like to think that there’s a part of me that was just born to fly, born to discover the unknown depths of the world and to soak in everything around me. Twenty-three years later I keep yearning to do just that.

I’m actually sitting at the airport now and decided it was the perfect moment to update my blog as I haven’t done so in months since my last trip to Europe. I just returned from spending 3 days in Houston–“not a very exciting place to visit, but a good place to live” as I have been told by certain Internet forums. But a place where my new life will begin in just a few months nonetheless.

Next week, I embark on a journey to a new country, a new continent even–South America–to explore the depths of the beautiful country, Peru. I feel lucky to be able to pursue such opportunities that my ancestors let alone my parents could have only dreamed of at my age. Visiting six continents by the time they are 24 is a feat not many are able to accomplish.

To say that I am ecstatic about the adventures to come would be an understatement. Although flying almost cost me life two decades ago, in these past few years it has given me life. It has given me the wings to be free and explore what the world has to offer.

Two months in a foreign country is a long time and I hope to soak up the Peruvian culture and the warmth of the locals during my experience 🙂


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